Rock On I Am Rock And Roll!
You're fuckin' crazy, if you think that I'll ever change! I am mine, I am me, I'll never change my ways! I must've a route to escape! Conduct a predetermined damnation for eternity! Damnation for eternity! I don't want you to cry, I don't even want you to care! Don't you dare, pray for me, no! There's things I bury inside, to keep away from the light! Don't you dare, pray for me! I been so fucked up for so long And I can't keep my head up on my own! Holy fuck, why do I bother? Never gonna keep, anything I wanted to fall down the crack I don't give a fuck if I die today! Holy shit, I've lost my mind! Reality, is starting to unwind! Don't you dare, pray for me, no!
I wanna watch the whole world burn down! I wanna watch the world burn.

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