Rock On I Am Rock And Roll!
You're fuckin' crazy, if you think that I'll ever change! I am mine, I am me, I'll never change my ways! I must've a route to escape! Conduct a predetermined damnation for eternity! Damnation for eternity! I don't want you to cry, I don't even want you to care! Don't you dare, pray for me, no! There's things I bury inside, to keep away from the light! Don't you dare, pray for me! I been so fucked up for so long And I can't keep my head up on my own! Holy fuck, why do I bother? Never gonna keep, anything I wanted to fall down the crack I don't give a fuck if I die today! Holy shit, I've lost my mind! Reality, is starting to unwind! Don't you dare, pray for me, no!
I wanna watch the whole world burn down! I wanna watch the world burn.
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Always good to see Danny “Fun In The Sun” Worsnop


"In high school the key to not being made fun of is to be entertaining. I was skinny and big-lipped and pinheaded. I grew my hair and played the drums in a band, and that was my key to acceptance.”


the best thing in the world is when your best friend lives right next to you. ‘cause i’m neighbours with my best girl and it’s 10pm and she is asking me to come over and have some cocktails. 


Sid and Johnny on stage.